Gift Purchasing Page

We are so excited about the North Highland Christmas store! This store provides Highland Community Church and Truth Spring the chance to empower our neighbor and also bring the body of Christ together to support those in need in a dignifying manner. The purpose of the North Highland Christmas store is to allow our neighbors to come and shop for brand new gifts at a discounted price they can afford*. This allows our neighbors to feel both dignity and joy by providing gifts for their children that they have personally chosen and purchased.

All of the wishlists are identical for each store. Please feel free to choose the age range and store that is most convenient for you. If you choose to shop from Amazon please have the item(s) shipped to you. We will be collecting all gifts on Wednesday, December 19th from 12:00-3:00. The Christmas store will open on Thursday, December 20th.


*Each gift purchased will be sold to the North Highland parent for 50% off the retail price. All monies made in the Christmas store will be used in 2019 to prepare chronically unemployed individuals living in the North Highland community for entering the workplace.