Jay Hearn Preaches this Sunday!

This Sunday, CrossPointe sends a team our way for Mission Meals.  It just so happens that Jay Hearn, a member of CrossPointe, is coming along and he will be taking Highland's pulpit.  I am delighted to have him!  Additionally, he serves as the Chaplain for MercyMed and I have had the chance to get to know him, as Highland and MercyMed share a tightly-knit partnership.  His sincere way and strong grip on God's Word are two of his many qualities that I really appreciate about him. Highland-tribe, come ready to welcome CrossPointe and Mr. Jay Hearn.

- Rob

Worry, Worship & The Word of God: Families

Today, we enter the final part of our series: "Worry, Worship & the Word of God."  This final section is on how family matters are strategically used by Satan to tempt us to worry.  We will learn how to respond to those tempters using God's Word in a strategic way. As we go through this portion of this series, we will crack open God's Word for direction, then spend time in prayer over our families, together.

Join us,

- Rob

St. Andrews, glad you’re here!

Here are a few shots of our day - a great day advancing the Kingdom of Light!



Following lunch, Donna Copeland shared her testimony with St. Andrews.



Joe Kendrick-Holmes is leading Chapel during Strong Start. 



One of our Math classes for our academic review.  40+ kids attended.



Ga-Ga is a staple during Renew!



Part of the Highland-tribe making this all possible.

I am so grateful for all who have a hand in bringing this effort to life - all for the name of Jesus. 

 - Rob

To Our VBS Volunteers.

To all who took part in our VBS, thank you!  From those who prepared meals, to those who prepared lessons, I appreciate your hard work and sacrifice.  Giving God's Word to our children is vital!  Your execution in doing that last week was second to none.  I deeply appreciate you loving our children, in honor of our Lord.

Grateful for you,


'Like a Strong Mountain.'

Highland, let us maintain a grateful sense of awe over our Lord.  He secures us.

Part of my devotion today comes from Psalm 30. In verse 7, it says: “Lord, when you showed your favor, you made me stand like a strong mountain; when you hid your face, I was terrified” (HCSB).

By way of His Word, we know that God draws near to the humble.  

Highland, I pray over us: “Lord, keep us humble, hungering and thirsting for righteousness, found in Christ, alone. Allow us to remain in awe of your great name, which is our security and our salvation.”

I love you. 

- Rob