Thank You, Edgewood!


I am so thankful to have you in our corner and to call you partners in the eternal work of advancing the Kingdom of God. I think I speak for Highland and Truth Spring when I say: we are so thankful for your loving and devoted support!

It is our sole desire to use what is provided to love of our neighbor, bringing honor to our Lord. I also want you to know how much we enjoyed being part the service today and the barbecue following was such a blessing to so many!

Finally, it was so meaningful to be able to hold baptism during service today. James and Luke will remember today forever, and they will remain in the care of our Lord all the days of their lives.

May the Lord continually and richly bless you with His presence and direction. May the Holy Spirit hold you together, in one accord, through every season you encounter.

Blessings & Love, Edgewood. See you next October.


Details for This Sunday.

Highland Family,

This Sunday, the Breakfast Choir and the some of the members of the Praise Team will be taking part in our annual Love Indeed Service, held at Edgewood Baptist Church. We are a church plant of Edgewood and this service provides us a chance to rejoice over all the Lord has accomplished, together. Any and all are welcome to join us at Edgewood. The Service starts at 10:30am.

Services will be held at Highland, too. Our 11am service will be taking place. Billy Holbrook will be leading worship and Chris Dubose will be preaching.

Once both services finish around noon, we will all enjoy a BBQ lunch at Highland. Both Edgewood and Highland will be taking part in this picnic. So, feel free to come and enjoy a plate of BBQ and a beautiful day.

I love you.

Can’t wait to see you this weekend,


We Rejoice with Donna.

 Donna Copeland was baptized. 

Donna Copeland was baptized. 

Donna Copeland has made a public confession of her faith in Jesus, by way of repentance and baptism. She was baptized at our annual Highland Hangout.

Highland, let’s rally around her in love, spurring her on to ‘keep with the fruit of repentance. ‘

Donna, heaven rejoices with you:

 “I tell you, in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous people who don’t need repentance” (Luke 15:7).

Grateful for you, Donna. 

- Rob


Jay Hearn Preaches this Sunday!

This Sunday, CrossPointe sends a team our way for Mission Meals.  It just so happens that Jay Hearn, a member of CrossPointe, is coming along and he will be taking Highland's pulpit.  I am delighted to have him!  Additionally, he serves as the Chaplain for MercyMed and I have had the chance to get to know him, as Highland and MercyMed share a tightly-knit partnership.  His sincere way and strong grip on God's Word are two of his many qualities that I really appreciate about him. Highland-tribe, come ready to welcome CrossPointe and Mr. Jay Hearn.

- Rob

Worry, Worship & The Word of God: Families

Today, we enter the final part of our series: "Worry, Worship & the Word of God."  This final section is on how family matters are strategically used by Satan to tempt us to worry.  We will learn how to respond to those tempters using God's Word in a strategic way. As we go through this portion of this series, we will crack open God's Word for direction, then spend time in prayer over our families, together.

Join us,

- Rob