Pat Roper

Pat Roper is a person I have known most of my life.   She loves Jesus.  She lives her life to honor Him.  Her way is welcoming and warm.  She and her family have been part of the Highland Tribe for many years. We are are honored to call her one of our own. 

Each year, during the Christmas season, Pat has done a terrific job organizing one of our Annual Outreaches called: Boxes of Love.  This ministry consists of packaging boxes of household goods and food so that those who are part of Highland can sign up to pass along a "box of love" to their neighbor or loved one. This provides the church, as a whole, the chance to share the Gospel with whom they share the box, plus impart the lovingkindness of Jesus to our city.  We are so thankful for the dedication that Pat has demonstrated year after year to this Kingdom-advancing work, all for the renown of our Lord.

Pat has recently learned she has cancer.  She is battling cancer and the costs that are incurred with taking on that battle are great.  In light of this reality, a Benefit has been organized by her family and friends. The Benefit will be held this Saturday at Turntime Farms, from 6pm-8pm.  Barbecue will be served and the Shelby Brothers will put on a show.

There are two ways to give.  You may contribute to the online fundraiser started by the family, or you can contribute cash or check to them directly during the event.  Let's do all we can to provide the Roper family a "Box of Love."

- Rob