Thank You, Edgewood!


I am so thankful to have you in our corner and to call you partners in the eternal work of advancing the Kingdom of God. I think I speak for Highland and Truth Spring when I say: we are so thankful for your loving and devoted support!

It is our sole desire to use what is provided to love of our neighbor, bringing honor to our Lord. I also want you to know how much we enjoyed being part the service today and the barbecue following was such a blessing to so many!

Finally, it was so meaningful to be able to hold baptism during service today. James and Luke will remember today forever, and they will remain in the care of our Lord all the days of their lives.

May the Lord continually and richly bless you with His presence and direction. May the Holy Spirit hold you together, in one accord, through every season you encounter.

Blessings & Love, Edgewood. See you next October.