Tackling Temptations to Worry

Tomorrow, we will begin looking at how to respond to the heavy concerns that tempt us to worry. These concerns were gathered from those of you who turned into me one of those temptations.  We will begin with the temptation women often face: Being unable to bear children.  The sermon format for each of these topics will consist of:

1. How to handle the matter through our prayer life.

2. How God's Word directs us on this given matter.

3. How our understanding of our relationship with God impacts our capacity to fear and to believe that the Lord cares for us.  How Satan strategically comes against our confidence in our relationship with the Lord.

4. I will then take questions on this topic from those present.

5. We will then pray over those who might be tempted to worry over this concern at this time (Not calling anyone up; praying over this matter corporately).

I love you. I count it a joy to serve you.  See you tomorrow.

- Rob