Sermon Schedule in July.

Highland Family,

I wanted to give you an overview of next month’s preaching schedule for the month of July.  Our church's vision is summed in two statements:

1. Bring the Body of Christ together on Biblical ground
2. Give the Gospel to the poor

The Lord continues to fulfill His purposes by way of our little church, which, I hope, makes a huge impact for the Kingdom of God.  All that to say, we have a full rotation of churches coming to serve next month in so many ways!  I hope to be able to keep you apprised of all that is happening.  So, let’s start here. Our sermon schedule is as follows throughout the month of July:

On July 1st, Chris Dubose will preaching. Chris’ love for God’s Word is something I cherish!   He and his family are such a rich part of the Highland family!  Though they are planting, having him come preach is like having them come home. So, welcome them with love and care, please.  Our family will be attending St. Andrews to be part of their service, as they gear up to come to Highland later in July.  They will be with us July 15th-July 18th.  Strong Start Back To School Program, alongside a basketball tournament, will be taking place Sunday, July 15th, through Tuesday, July 17th, from 4pm-6pm each evening at Highland.  Then, on the last night, Wednesday, July 18th, we will all load up and leave Highland to go to St. Andrews for a last night bash/cookout.  It will be a blast!  All are welcome to attend and we will certainly need help from you with the event. Contact me if you are able and willing.
On July 8th, Drew Nelson will be preaching.  He is coming as part of the Mission Meal team with CrossPointe.  We are so thankful to have such a devoted relationship with CrossPointe!  Our family will be at Highland for this service, and I am excited to hear Drew take the pulpit.

On July 15th, St. Andrews will be with us. Mathes Ballard, who is their Youth Pastor, will be taking the pulpit.  Mathes does such a great job of serving us the Word of God from an honest and humble heart.  I look forward to being able to be part of this service as well.

On July 22nd, our family will be away.  I turn 40 on July 24th.  Carrie has planned a trip for us. So, we will be away - in Utah! Fishing, whitewater rafting, flying! Wow! I cannot wait!!!  Ronnie Peterson will be preaching in my absence. He is a Church Planter.  He pastors Overcome Ministries.  Ronnie has such a strong grip on God’s Word, I can rest knowing you are in good hands.

On July 29th, I will be back in the saddle again.  Our family will be back, settling in and gearing up for another school year.  I will be preaching as the Lord leads.

I love you.  It is one of my greatest joys to walk alongside you; to walk in the Light with you.

- Rob