Starting the Year Together.


Throughout the month of January from the pulpit, we will be spotlighting a word a week from Scripture and working to get a more Biblical grasp on that word. This is one of my favorite ways to study God’s Word personally! So, I look forward to sharing one of my “hobbies” with you. This Sunday, our first word will be: “generous.”

Starting in February. we will journey through Philippians. As the Lord allows, we will tackle the entire book. Bring your Bibles. Be ready.

We will also continue to pray. We will continue to seek the Lord together, earnestly, on behalf of our families, asking for revival. The Lord is stirring us. Stirring results in agitation, which we have seen in the spiritual realm. But, as His remnant, we will see His glory rise. The defining role of the church is prayer - ‘For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’ (Mk 11:17). Highland, let us position our hearts to receive the response of our Lord.

See you Sunday.

I love you. I am grateful for each of you.