Fruit that Remains

In 2006, we began praying for revival. Highland, once a dead church, began asking the Lord to revive us with His life-giving Holy Spirit. We anchored in Psalm 85 - a Communal Payer, which asks the Lord to relent in His anger and, instead, to revive His people, again. The Psalmist asks the Lord to show His favor to His people and to grant salvation through His name.

The Lord directed us to use this Psalm to fashion our corporate prayer-life Each Sunday for the year of 2006, we asked the Lord to show us His favor and grant to us His salvation. He has proven faithful and trustworthy. The fruit of our prayer-life has been that we have encountered the favor of our Lord in ways beyond our wildest imagination. We have also seen so many submit to the Lordship of Jesus.

From 2006-2016, we remained committed to the vision the Lord placed before us. It’s very much been a season of resolve. That being, to give the Gospel to the poor and unify churches together on common, Biblical ground and to remain devoted to the preaching of God’s Word with integrity and conviction.

In 2017, we once again began asking the Lord for revival, calling our church to prayer. We are asking the Lord to produce a harvest of righteousness through prayer and fasting, confidently expecting His glory to be magnified in the life of our church. We’re asking the Lord to revive us individually, as families, as a church, and as a community. All for the purposes of our lives producing fruit, much fruit, and fruit that remains - for the glory of God.

Today, we continue to be fashioned into a people of prayer. I want us to bring to life the demand of Jesus: ‘that His house is to be a House of Prayer.’

Starting this month, we will devote each first Sunday to Communion. We will use this Sunday as a time for personal reflection and corporate worship. During the first Sunday, our Communion Sunday, we will also introduce a monthly focus for how we will pray that month. The remaining Sundays in the month, we will hold corporate worship, pray for revival, and then open God’s Word together.

To bearing fruit that remains, together,

Rob & Carrie

We love you.