Understanding Worry

Today, we covered the first phase of this new Sermon Series entitled: Worry, Worship and the Word of God.  Below is the process that leads us into the vicious cycle of chronic worry, which we covered in this first sermon.

Worry - to give way to anxiety or unease; to dwell on difficulty or troubles (Source: Google).

  • All matters we worry over begin as concerns.
  • Worry, therefore, is our potential response to a given concern.
  • To dwell on concerns, or to worry, deceives us to think that we are investing ourselves into a solution for given concerns.
  • Dwelling on concerns leads to them consuming us - our thought-life, our emotional estate, leading us to give way to anxiety. 
  • These concerns we worry over then lord over us.
  • Giving these concerns authority leads to a fear within us that cripples our ability to entrust the Lord and His Word.
  • This crippling fear results in us deeming a matter too big for God and we begin to doubt that he cares for us.
  • We then feel guilty for having those doubts and feelings, which leads us into a vicious cycle worry, anxiety and guilt.

I also want to invite you to be part of this sermon series, by informing me of what tempts you to worry. Below, there's a question I hope you will answer.  You can send me the info through the following means of communications mentioned. I intend to build sermons around these matters. This will allow us to tackle worry together.  This sermon is also posted on our website, under the "sermons tab."

What concerns tempt you to worry?

Message me your response: 706.987.0457.

Or grab a Communication Card and write it down, then give it to me.

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*All info will remain confidential.

- Rob